“We do not remember days; we remember moments.” — Cesare Pavese

Looking back in times, Time sure flies by so fast that. The fellowship was just started and it went so fast that its almost over, and this whole journey was not less than a roller coaster.
We shared our moments, we laughed together we argued, but in the end, we all are going to end this with happy moments only.

The most beautiful part of this fellowship is PM and PA, they are the most inspiring and beautiful human beings. They lifted our spirits in sessions with their stories and energy, they helped us out in our difficult times. They guided us and made us what we are today and I have to say we changed.!

Circle members taught me a lot since I was the youngest one there. I learned how people can be negative and narcissistic and can still blame others but the negativity was not the thing I focused on. I learned that even if you don't have a title you can still lead because it’s in you. it is not a child's play and not everyone can do it. Also that even if no one appreciates you or your work don't let it bother you because struggles do no go wastes.

Then there is my Accountability partner zaigham, he is quite busy but we do connect and our interests align so much which I wasn’t expecting at all.

last but not least, all fellows were amazing, because of high diversity and individuality this experience was one of its kind. Their responses and their stories made this session better in its own way.

Thank you everyone for this wonderful time.